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Sea Turtles 12 oz Leak Proof Flip Top Sublimation Tumbler

Sea Turtles 12 oz Leak Proof Flip Top Sublimation Tumbler

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Hey there, tiny sippers! 🌈🥤 Get ready to meet our super-duper 12 oz double wall vacuum-sealed toddler tumblers – the coolest cups in town for your little sippers! These magic tumblers keep drinks warm for 8 whole hours and icy cold for a whopping 16 hours – just like a sip-sized superhero.

But here's the fun part: these tumblers aren't just about keeping things chill; they're like a sip-sized art show! Imagine sipping your favorite juice from a cup that's as stylish as your favorite cartoon. Thanks to our special magic process (it's called sublimation!), each tumbler is a mini masterpiece.

And guess what? They're not just cute; they're smart too! With a soft silicone spout for easy sipping, your sippy sessions just got upgraded to maximum comfort. These 12 oz toddler tumblers are your little one's hydration heroes, perfect for sipping on-the-go adventures.

So, say hello to sipping in style and making every sip an adventure! Grab our adorable toddler tumblers and let the sippy fun begin! 🚀👶 #SipSipHooray #ToddlerTumblerMagic

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